The Slow Professor approach


I admit, I have never read the Slow Professor book, but if the Slow Professor concept is similar to the Slow Food movement, then surely it must be good! Mindful, considered, thought-through, healthy, sustainable food is better than fast, pre-packaged, mindless, tasteless food so the same principle applied to academy must produce better long-term results too! Well-fed organisms are healthier, happier and contribute better to economy and society.

The writers of the Slow Professor are not the only advocates of more mindful and slower academia. Mats Alvesson, in several of his books, argues how the current emptiness in higher education (specifically, in the wider social sciences, and in management/business/marketing in specific) leads to the overproduction of meaningless research, neglect of teaching and lack of time for truly student-centered approach. The culture of speed (because things done fast must be good, right?) rapid decision making, countless ‘projects’ and initiatives that achieve nothing more than a waste of money and time permeates some higher education institutions.

I am ready for a slow(er) pace and less-is-more appraoch to academic work.