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“Cultural Meaning, Advertising, and National Culture: A Four-Country Study”



“International Marketing”, 2nd edition with Daniel Baack, and Donald Baack, London, Sage Publications (Forthcoming in 2018)



“Marketing Communications” (2014) with Eagle, Dahl and Lloyd.

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Available on Amazon or on the publisher’s site.

From the publisher’s site: With the proliferation of digital and social media, there has never been a more dynamic time to engage with marketing communications – and never has the integration of marketing communications (marcoms) principles into a strategic marketing plan been more challenging. Even the best product in the world won’t sell without the right reach to your potential customers and the right message to engage them.

This textbook applies a uniquely practical approach to the topic so that, whilst a structured overview of planning, development, implementation and evaluation of marketing communications is in place, the detailed cases made available by the Institute for Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) show how actual challenges faced by professionals in the field were addressed. This book will help you to develop the skills you need to turn theory into the right integrated communication plan, in order to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

Aided by a veritable wealth of pedagogical features, Marketing Communications will be essential reading for both students and professionals in marketing, communications and public relations. This textbook also benefits from a companion website which includes a comprehensive instructor’s guide with PowerPoint slides, testbank questions and answer checklists.

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