Brands and Gods

Bangkok Altar Fanta

Photo 1: Street altar in Bangkok, Thailand. Red Fanta used as an offering.


pagoda brands saigon

Photo 2: Saigon, Vietnam. Pepsi is the brand of choice for religious offerings in this pagoda.

Beer Christmas Trees


I travel quite a lot, and when I do, I like taking pictures of things that interest me. One of these things is the ways people use to tempt us to buy more, or how advertisers avoid restrictions by using practices that are not regulated or banned. On my recent trip to Guatemala, I found a Christmas tree dressed in beer cans. I thought: what a clever way to advertise alcoholic drinks, especially in a market that puts more and more regulations and restrictions on promoting some products, such as tobacco and alcohol. The idea itself is not new, and I found such trees in other places before.

Here are some examples of ‘drunk’ Guatemalan Christmas trees.