Marketing in multicultural marketplaces

Multicultural marketing is marketing to consumers and/or markets who are, in some way, multicultural. This type of marketing includes ethnic marketing, cross-cultural marketing, monocultural and omnicultural marketing. For example, an online fashion retailer selling fashion to consumers in the UK and Germany is going to do some type of multicultural marketing.

Below are some examples of marketing in multicultural marketplaces.

Image 1 and Image 2: Metropolitan online advertisements representing cultural targeting based on ethnicity.

Image 1: London Metropolitan Police online advert (2023) targeting people from a range of ethnic groups.
Image 2: London Metropolitan Police online advertisement targeting people based on their ethnicity.
Post office leaflet – Luton (UK) branch.

Cultural targeting in a multicultural market – Luton (UK) branch of Primark.

OmanAir in-flight magazine advertisement: cultural fit in marketing. The model fits the culture of the target market.