My research and teaching interests

How does culture affect our behaviour and how can we encourage people to make better decisions for themselves? I am interested in culture (both objective, material and subjective) and how it influences a range of decisions we make. I am also interested in the behaviour of international for-profit and not-for-profit organisations and how they influence culture. For example, I have been focusing on global consumer culture and how people respond to it.  In addition, I am interested in the relationship between businesses and legal regulations and ethics, as well as consumers’ view of free market.

My approach to studying research questions is based on a multi-methods approach. I employ cross-country surveys, individual-level survey data, field and survey experiments, as well as text analysis methods. I also rely on insights generated by open-ended interviews or use of open-ended questions in surveys. I believe it is important to take advantage of different types of data to examine interesting research questions.

My personal, professional and academic journey took me through many countries and cultures of the world from the West to the East. When I was an undergraduate student, I undertook work-placements in the USA (Polish Embassy in Washington DC), India (international management trainee in an Indian company in Mumbai), Ukraine (summer placement at a non-for-profit organisation in Cherniavtsy), and worked in London (market researcher). I undertook cross-cultural research in various European countries.

Prior to that, I studied political science and received an MA from the Jan Kochanowski University in Poland (formerly Swietokrzyska Academy) and an MSc in Research Methods from Middlesex University.  I completed my PhD in cross-cultural advertising in 2011 (Middlesex University, London). Currently, I am Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Bedfordshire.



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